Cathy Mink



All through her teenage years, Cathy dreamed of going to New York to join the world of high-fashion modeling.  Her 5’8” slender stature made her a perfect candidate for such a glamorous career.  Throughout high school she modeled often for her hometown department stores in runway shows and appeared in many magazine ads. 

At sixteen, she was first runner up in the Miss Teenage Cincinnati contest.  And later won the title of “Cincinnati Model of the Year” when the Stewart Modeling Agency toured U.S. cities, selecting girls to compete in the New York City finals.  This was one of several “all expense paid” trips to New York that she won in her teens.  During this time she appeared in Seventeen Magazine and was invited to model in London, visiting Carnaby street for pictures as well as attending the London theater with Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

All of this made her more determined than ever to move to New York to continue a career in modeling.  But once she made this move and plunged into this glittering world, the truth became more and more apparent.  It was not what it appears to be in the magazines.  Meeting many of her favorite models with famous faces, she found them to be unhappy, empty and many of them drug-addicted! 

The fame and the money could not fill the emptiness nor outweigh the ugliness of the fashion industry.  After a year in New York, Cathy made her decision to leave it behind with all its deceptions, immorality and emptiness. 


Returning to her hometown, she met Len Mink, a successful television personality and singer.  Len was also finding show business to be empty and disappointing, despite his success.  Their lives came together at a time when both were searching for truth and a reason for living.  A co-worker, Ken Bagwell, told them that a relationship with Jesus Christ was the answer.  Arthur Blessitt also made a great impact on them when he made a guest appearance on Len’s television program.  So at a CBS secular television station, the Lord did a mighty work and got their attention. 

Cathy accepted Jesus as her Savior in 1971, and two weeks later Len did as well.  They were totally transformed and found all the peace, joy and excitement they had been looking for in Jesus Christ.  She and Len married in 1972 and have two beautiful children.  They have been sharing Jesus all over the world ever since and have never looked back.  Cathy is also a graduate of Ohio State University and RHEMA Bible Training Center.   She teaches daily on her television program, called Len & Cathy.  It is seen in 173 countries on over 1,800 cable networks and on DIRECTV channel 377 all over North America, Monday through Friday at 8am and 1am CST and 9am and 2am EST.

She also ministers with faith and power in churches, youth conventions, women’s meetings and seminars around the world, seeing marvelous miracles and lives changed everywhere through her testimony and seasoned and relevant teaching.  The impact of her vital message has made her one of the most sought-after Bible teachers of today.